13 Budget-Friendly Behind Toilet Decor Ideas

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Looking for behind toilet decor ideas that can transform your bathroom from mundane to marvelous? You’re in the right place! We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so why not make them a space that’s not only functional but also stylish and inviting?

We’ve put together 13 creative and chic ways to utilize the often-overlooked space behind the toilet, turning it into a focal point that adds charm and personality to your bathroom. From sleek shelves to artistic touches, get ready to be inspired by these fabulous decor ideas that are sure to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic.

How do you use space behind a toilet?

There are many ways to decorate the space behind your toilet, and the best approach depends on your personal style and the functionality you need. You can opt for practical solutions like shelves for extra storage or choose decorative elements like art or plants to add visual interest.

Combining both practical and aesthetic elements can create a balanced and inviting space. Let’s explore some of these options to inspire your next bathroom update.

1. Gold and Glass Shelves Behind Toilet Decor Ideas

Elevate your bathroom’s elegance with gold and glass shelves. These shelves add a touch of luxury while providing practical storage space for toiletries or decorative items. The reflective glass complements the warm gold tones, creating a harmonious balance that enhances the overall ambiance.


2. Towel Rack Behind Toilet

Imagine stepping out of the shower and reaching for a fluffy towel from a chic towel rack right behind your toilet. It’s not just practical; it’s a style statement! Choose a rack that echoes your bathroom’s vibe – be it modern, rustic, or anything in between. This small addition can make your bathroom feel more like a personal spa.


3. Wood Shelves and Plants

Turn the space behind your toilet into a mini botanical garden with wood shelves and some green friends. The natural wood brings warmth to your bathroom, while the plants purify the air and add a splash of color. It’s a simple way to create a calming retreat where you can unwind after a long day.


4. Mirror Behind Toilet

Who said mirrors are just for above the sink? Placing a mirror behind your toilet can work wonders for your bathroom. It reflects light, making the space feel brighter and bigger. Plus, it’s an opportunity to add some flair with a funky frame or a sleek, modern design. Just one look, and you’ll see your bathroom in a whole new light!


5. Plant on Window Sill Behind Toilet Decor

A little greenery can go a long way, especially in a bathroom. Place a potted plant on the window sill behind your toilet, and watch your space transform. It’s a simple touch that adds life and freshness to the room. Choose a plant that loves humidity, like a fern or peace lily, and you’ll have a happy, thriving bathroom buddy.


6. Shiplap and Art Behind Toilet

Bring a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom with shiplap accent walls behind the toilet. The textured wood adds depth and character, creating a cozy, cabin-like feel. Hang a piece of art on the shiplap to personalize the space and give it a pop of color. It’s a simple way to make your bathroom feel like a little getaway.


7. Canvas Art

Who says art is only for the living room? Elevate your bathroom’s style by hanging a canvas print behind the toilet. Whether it’s a serene landscape, an abstract design, or a motivational quote, it’ll add a touch of sophistication and make your bathroom feel more like a curated gallery.


8. Framed Art Behind Toilet

Frame your style with some chic framed art behind the toilet. Choose a piece that complements your bathroom’s color scheme and style. Whether it’s a vintage photograph, a modern graphic print, or a classic painting, it’s an easy way to inject personality into your space.


9. Boho Tapestry Behind Toilet Decor

Add a bohemian vibe to your bathroom with a colorful tapestry hanging behind the toilet. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors will make a bold statement and add a layer of texture to the room. It’s a fun and easy way to transform your bathroom into a boho-chic sanctuary.


10. Rustic Branch and Boho Art

Combine the natural beauty of a rustic branch with the whimsical charm of boho art for a unique decor statement behind your toilet. Hang a branch on the wall and use it as a base to display small, bohemian-inspired art pieces or hanging plants. It’s a creative way to add a touch of nature and artistry to your bathroom.


11. Built-in Niche Behind Toilet Decor

Maximize space and add a sleek touch to your bathroom with a built-in niche behind the toilet. This recessed shelf is perfect for storing toiletries or displaying decorative items. Tile the niche to match your bathroom for a seamless look, or use contrasting tiles to make it a focal point.

12. Single Glass Shelf and Art

For a minimalist and elegant look, install a single glass shelf above the toilet and pair it with a piece of art. The shelf provides a practical spot for small items, while the art adds a personal touch. This combo is perfect for bathrooms with limited space, offering both function and style without clutter.


13. Gold and Glass Shelves

If you loved the idea of gold and glass shelves, why not double down? Install two sets of shelves for even more storage and style. Arrange your prettiest toiletries, candles, or small plants on the shelves to create a luxurious display that’s both beautiful and practical.


Wrapping Up

The space behind your toilet offers a world of possibilities for adding style and functionality to your bathroom. Whether you opt for elegant shelves, vibrant art, or lush greenery, there’s no shortage of behind toilet bathroom decor ideas to suit every taste and style.

So, go ahead and unleash your creativity to transform this often-overlooked area into a delightful part of your bathroom that reflects your personality and enhances your daily routine. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference, turning your bathroom into a sanctuary you’ll love.

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