How to Hang Baskets on the Wall: Easy Step by Step Guide

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Ready to learn how to hang baskets on the wall? Don’t worry – it’s actually a really easy process and a great way to add style to a big wall without breaking the budget!

I’ve been eyeing the large blank wall space in the rental beach house I’m currently working on furnishing and wanted an easy, budget-friendly way to add some seaside charm and character without breaking the bank. That’s when I decided decorative hanging baskets could be just the simple solution I was looking for!

As someone who is always on the hunt for quick projects that pack a lot of style punch, wall-mounted baskets caught my eye. I love how they can instantly infuse personality and texture into any unused wall. Plus you can get really creative with mixing basket shapes, sizes, and colors for tons of custom looks.

After doing some deep research on the best practices for hanging baskets properly, I’m excited to share the tips and tricks I’ve uncovered. Take it from me, it’s actually a super easy project anyone can tackle in an afternoon once you know the right steps!

The most important thing I learned is that it pays to plan your design layout carefully upfront. My tendency is to want to rush into hammering things up on the wall willy nilly (anyone else relate?) . But taking the time to map out arrangements on the floor first always makes for better results.

I also discovered little details like making sure to use strong enough hardware for heavy baskets. I’ll admit I’ve made the mistake before of just hastily throwing up wall decor with whatever nails or hooks are lying around. Only to have things slowly sag or even come crashing down, which is never ideal.

So if you’ve got a bare wall to spice up or just looking for unique accent ideas like me, follow along for a complete guide to flawlessly hanging baskets. From picking the perfect baskets to mapping dreamy layouts to rock-solid installation, I’ll share the knowledge I wish I had starting out. Let’s get ready to adorn those empty walls with charming woven beauty!

Where to Find the Perfect Wall Baskets for Your Space

When shopping for wall baskets, keep an eye out for these popular options to match any decor style:

  • Craft and hobby stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn Fabrics have a wide selection of decorative baskets in their floral and home decor sections. Look for baskets made from materials like wicker, bamboo, rattan, and metal. They come in versatile neutral tones like black, brown, tan, grey, and white. Search for all sizes – small, medium, large, oversized, and even giant statement pieces. The variety ensures you’ll find something to fit any wall.
  • Affordable home goods stores like Target, IKEA, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond are go-to spots for basic wicker and wire baskets. They stock many shapes like rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, and unique angular baskets. Scan the shelves for a range of small to extra large sizes. Mix and match colors like natural, black, white, brown, tan, grey, and fun pops of color.
  • For the widest selection, shop online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock. Search for exactly what you want by filtering options by size, shape, color, price range, and customer reviews. Look out for free shipping on eligible purchases. Online shopping is the way to go if you want a specific style like a set of matching baskets or a hard to find shape.
  • Don’t forget to check thrift stores, antique shops, and vintage markets. You can often score super unique baskets for cheap. Give a vintage find new life with spray paint in your color scheme or use as-is for a charming shabby chic statement.

📌I personally love Amazon for this because you can find full sets of baskets already coordinated that makes putting them on your wall fool – proof!

Map Out Your Basket Arrangement Before Installation

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Taking time to plan your basket wall layout prior to installing will help you achieve the perfect look. There are two helpful approaches:

Design a Floor Layout

  • Gather all your baskets and play with arranging them on the floor first.
  • Shift baskets around considering spacing, height, size variation, etc. until you love the overall look.
  • Taking photos of the floor arrangement provides a handy visual reference for installing.
  • Experiment with mixing sizes, shapes, and heights or grouping uniform baskets.
  • Step back frequently to see how the layout appears from a distance. Adjust as needed.

Make a Disposable Wall Template

  • For organized spacing, make a paper template of your planned layout.
  • Use painter’s tape to mark a basket outline the sizes and shapes of yours on paper.
  • Tape the paper template to the wall and evaluate the design in the space.
  • Make adjustments by rearranging or resizing paper templates as needed.
  • Once template is perfected, detach from wall and use for marking permanent basket placement.

Either floor planning or disposable templates will allow you to test basket arrangements and tweak prior to secure installation. The time invested results in a display you’ll love for years to come!

Gather These Handy Supplies Before Installing Baskets

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Having these supplies prepared ahead of time makes installing wall baskets much smoother:

  • Baskets plus any liners, cushioning, or backing boards if needed
  • Tape measure and pencil for marking studs/spacing
  • Level to double check straight positioning
  • Stud finder for locating wall studs behind drywall
  • Appropriate basket mounting hardware like nails, screws, anchors, hooks, brackets, or rails
  • Drill with assorted drill bits for pre-drilling holes
  • Hammer for nailing
  • Step stool or ladder for reaching higher spots
  • Painter’s tape for marking layout spacing

What is the best way to hang baskets on a wall?

When installing your wall baskets, you’ll need to decide between using mechanical fasteners like nails or screws vs. adhesive hooks. Both have pros and cons.

Nails and Screws for Strong Holding Power

  • Locate and pre-drill into wall studs for the most secure anchor points for heavy baskets.
  • Use a stud finder to identify wood studs behind drywall. Mark stud centers with painter’s tape.
  • Always pre-drill pilot holes with a bit slightly smaller than nails or screws to prevent splitting basket materials.
  • Sinking fasteners directly into studs provides a super strong, permanent hold for weighty baskets.
  • Downsides are visible wall holes and limitation of only being able to nail into studs.
  • If no studs available, use hollow drywall anchors rated for the basket weight. Avoid over-torqueing.

Adhesive Hooks for a Hole-Free Option

  • Stick-on hooks can securely hold smaller rattan, wicker, or wire baskets without nails or screws.
  • Search for high-quality hooks designed to hold 5+ lbs and apply to clean, dry walls.
  • Allow hooks to set with firm pressure for 30+ seconds before hanging baskets.
  • Adhesive won’t be as strong as mechanical fasteners but provides decent hold.
  • Ensure hooks are removable without damaging paint or wall surface.
  • Match hook type to basket material and weight. Delicate baskets need low profile hooks.

No matter which method you choose, select hardware that can handle the full weight of baskets when loaded. This keeps your lovely baskets securely mounted for years of enjoyment.

Smart Tips for Choosing the Best Wall Baskets

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Apply these tips when shopping for baskets to maximize your wall display:

  • Carefully measure the dimensions of the wall area you want to fill with baskets. Buy baskets scaled to properly fit and fill the space.
  • Pick neutral color baskets like black, brown, tan, grey, and natural that easily match your existing decor. Or make a colorful statement with bright hues that contrast or complement your color scheme.
  • Light rattan, wicker, and wire baskets are ideal for adhesive hook hanging, while heavy natural fiber or metal baskets need mechanical fasteners.
  • If using the baskets to hold plants, make sure they have a sturdy liner and drainage holes. Waterproof any raw rattan or wicker to prevent staining.
  • Estimate the total weight of baskets when full to determine required mounting hardware strength. Account for growing plants and soil over time.
  • Purchase all necessary hanging supplies when buying baskets to avoid making multiple trips to the hardware store.

Recap: how to hang baskets on the wall

After research the best ways for how to hang baskets on the wall for this post, I’ve gathered so many great tips and tricks to ensure basket hanging success. Proper planning is key – always mock up arrangements on the floor first and measure wall space to select the right sized baskets. Take time to find special baskets with colors, shapes and textures that speak to your personal style.

Don’t cut corners on hardware; be sure to use hooks, nails, anchors, etc. with ample weight ratings. Follow installation best practices like pre-drilling holes and hitting studs for durability. With the right materials, designs, and techniques, anyone can create a showstopping basket wall feature no matter whether the wall is in a small bedroom or large living room. I feel prepared to adorn my beach house blank canvas with beautiful woven interest and charm using everything I’ve learned. What wall are you going to brighten up with lovely baskets?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hang baskets with Command strips?

Yes, Command strips or other damage-free adhesives are an option for hanging lightweight baskets without nails or screws. Look for Command products specifically designed for hanging objects like the Picture Hanging Strips. Follow weight limits and application instructions carefully.

How do you hang hanging baskets without drilling?

Adhesive hooks, removable 3M strips, rail systems with adjustable basket hooks, and mounting plates with basket hooks allow drilling-free basket hanging. Ensure the adhesive or hardware is strong enough to support the basket weight. Proper surface prep and application is key for adhesive success.

How heavy can you hang with Command strips?

Command Picture Hanging Strips can hold up to 16 lbs on most surfaces. Heavy Duty Strips hold up to 50 lbs. Weight limits vary by product line and surface material, so check individual strip specs. For heavier baskets exceeding strip weights, use mechanical fasteners into studs or anchors. Group multiple strips for added strength. However, for baskets we recommend the strips with attached hooks.

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