How to Hide Exercise Equipment in Living Rooms (9 Genius Ideas)

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Need to figure out how to hide exercise equipment in living rooms? You’re not alone! Transforming your living room into a workout haven sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But let’s face it, bulky exercise equipment can quickly turn your cozy retreat into a cluttered mess. The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of creative solutions to keep your living space sleek and your fitness gear out of sight.

Imagine being able to do a full workout without having to compromise on style or space. Whether you’re living in a spacious home or a compact apartment, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to cleverly hide your exercise equipment. Say goodbye to the days of tripping over dumbbells and hello to a clutter-free living room where you can relax and exercise in peace.

How To Hide Exercise Equipment in Living Rooms

We’ve got some great ideas for you with inspiring photos to match to give you the ultimate inspiration for setting up your living room workout space. Let’s get into it!

Utilize Multi-purpose Furniture

For the ultimate hidden home gym, think about multi-purpose furniture. This is the best bet for giving you tons of options for storing exercise equipment. A coffee table with storage can hold weights, or a bookshelf with doors might hide your yoga gear. A media cabinet or chest of drawers is excellent as well as it can offer hidden storage!

This approach is not just perfect for storing exercise equipment in small settings but also keeps your living room looking chic.

Utilize a Corner

A corner of your living room can become the perfect workout niche. By positioning equipment like a foldable treadmill or a stationary bike in an unused corner, you can maintain the aesthetic of your space without undertaking full how-to-hide exercise equipment in a living room DIY exercise project. It’s a simple yet effective strategy. Just remember to keep all the extra equipment hidden using the other ideas in our article!

Consider a Foldable Treadmill

The hiding a treadmill in a living room challenge can be tackled with a foldable treadmill. There are many choices now for these foldable options. These can be tucked away under a couch or a desk when not in use. The convenience of a foldable treadmill means you don’t have to compromise on your workout space or your living room’s style.

Use Room Dividers or Screens

Room dividers or screens offer an elegant solution to conceal exercise equipment, though it will likely be a costly solution depending on the type of divider you choose. Choose one that complements your living room’s decor for an added touch of style.

We love the look of black and glass dividers. This is a flexible and temporary way to create a workout space in a living room area without permanent changes.

Incorporate Floating Shelves

Floating shelves aren’t just for books or decorations. Use them to store smaller workout equipment, like resistance bands or small weights. There are so many gorgeous floating shelves available nowadays!

It’s a great idea for hiding exercise equipment and is sort of initially inspired with minimal Ikea-inspired designs, giving you storage without sacrificing floor space.

Use a Storage Bench

A storage bench, such as a coffee table ottoman, provides a dual-function of seating and hidden storage for items like yoga mats or ankle weights. It’s a hidden gym furniture piece that keeps your gear out of sight but easily accessible.

🛒We love this multi-use storage ottoman for living rooms! It’s gorgeous and you’re exercise equipment will be hidden with no effort!

Utilize Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are flexible storage options that blend seamlessly into any decor. They can be tucked away in many places, such as under a console table or in an open shelving unit, making them ideal for small spaces looking for solutions for storing workout equipment.

They really are the most versatile storage solution and keep things nice and tucked away!

Under The Couch Storage

For truly out-of-sight, out-of-mind storage, look for furniture raised on legs like couches or beds where you can slide items underneath. This can be an ingenious DIY solution to stash away flat or foldable equipment when not in use.

🛒We think these low-profile under-couch storage bins would be PERFECT!

Consider a Wooden Bookcase or Ladder

A wooden bookcase offers a customizable and flexible storage solution that’s perfect for hiding home gym equipment. Lean against the wall to store resistance bands, small hand weights, or even foldable workout benches. It’s a functional addition to your workout space in the living room, keeping everything organized and off the floor.

➡️Here’s a wooden storage bookshelf we think would be perfect in a corner!

Final Design Tip

With these nine clever ideas at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to creating a living room that’s both stylish and functional. Remember, keeping your workout gear out of sight doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your home’s aesthetics or your fitness routine. By integrating solutions like multi-purpose furniture and creative storage, your living space can remain clutter-free and ready for relaxation or exercise whenever you are. So go ahead, give these tips a try, and enjoy the best of both worlds right in your living room.

FAQ: Hiding Gym Equipment at Home

How can I hide my gym equipment at home?

To hide gym equipment at home, consider using decorative screens or room dividers. You can also store smaller items in storage ottomans or baskets that blend with your decor. For equipment that’s difficult to hide, try integrating it into a room’s design by using it as a side table or adding a cover that matches your interior style.

How do I hide my Peloton in my living room?

Hiding a Peloton in the living room can be done by placing it behind a folding screen or curtain when not in use. Alternatively, position it in a less visible corner of the room and use plants or furniture to subtly section off the area. A stylish cover can also make the Peloton blend in more with your living space.

Where should I put exercise equipment in a small house?

In a small house, utilize multi-functional spaces for exercise equipment. For example, under the bed or in a closet are good spots for flat-folding equipment. Consider areas that are not frequently used, like a corner of your bedroom, behind a sofa, or even a part of your hallway if it’s wide enough.

How do you hide a rowing machine?

Hiding a rowing machine can be achieved by choosing a model that folds vertically and can be tucked away in a closet or behind a door. If it doesn’t fold, consider placing it along the least trafficked side of a room and using a decorative room divider or large plants to conceal it when not in use.

How to hide exercise equipment in the living room?

To hide exercise equipment in the living room, look for foldable designs that can be easily stored in a closet or under furniture. Use decorative elements like screens, curtains, or even a stylish furniture-like cover to camouflage equipment. Positioning equipment behind sofas or in less visible corners can also help minimize visual clutter.

How to hide a treadmill in the living room?

Hiding a treadmill in the living room requires creativity. If it’s foldable, you can store it vertically behind a large piece of furniture or in a spacious closet. For non-foldable models, consider using a large, decorative room divider or placing it in an area that’s naturally hidden by the room’s layout. Adding a fabric cover that complements your decor can also help it blend into the background.

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