Most Popular Luxury Vinyl Plank Colors This Year

luxury vinyl floor colors
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Looking for the perfect luxury vinyl plank colors for your new flooring? We’ve got you! When it comes to home flooring options, luxury vinyl is becoming an increasingly popular choice for its durability, easy maintenance, and wide range of colors and styles. Luxury vinyl plank flooring in particular can elevate the look of any space with its realistic visuals mimicking real hardwood or stone.

If you’re considering installing luxury vinyl plank floors in your home, read on as we cover the most popular and on-trend LVP colors for 2024. Whether you prefer light and airy Scandinavian-inspired hues, rich moody shades, or something in between, there’s a luxury vinyl plank color to match your style. Keep reading to discover our picks for the top 6 LVP floor colors that will be huge this year!


Why Luxury Vinyl Plank?

luxury vinyl floor colors

When you’re deciding on the perfect flooring, you might wonder why luxury vinyl plank (LVP) has become such a sought-after choice. Well, the reasons are as solid as the material itself.

LVP’s waterproof capabilities stand out in the market, ensuring that your spaces stay pristine, no matter the spills or splashes. It’s a comforting thought, especially when you’re decking out rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, where moisture is a daily companion.

The innovation doesn’t stop at water resistance. LVP brings the warmth and resilience that traditional vinyl offers, only with a leap in quality and appearance.

You’ve likely heard of WPC (wood plastic composite) and SPC (stone plastic composite) vinyl planks. They’re the robust siblings in the vinyl family, often mistaken for LVP, but here’s the quick lowdown: all WPC and SPC vinyl planks are a cut above standard LVP because they’re waterproof. That alone can be a game-changer for many homes.

But the luxury in LVP doesn’t just refer to its superior performance. It’s also about aesthetics. With advanced production techniques, manufacturers have outdone themselves. If you’ve admired the natural beauty of wood or stone floors but fretted over cost and maintenance, LVP swoops in as your hero. It mimics these materials with uncanny accuracy, giving you that high-end look without the high-end hassle.

SPC and WPC may be newer terms on the market, yet LVP isn’t falling behind in the popularity race. In fact, its versatility makes it a star player, easily adapting to an array of interior designs. That’s probably why, when trends evolve, LVP consistently aligns itself with current tastes while offering a timeless quality.

Speaking of colors—LVP doesn’t shy away from variety. Whether you’re into cool, understated greys or bold, statement-making hues, LVP has got you covered. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about opening a spectrum of possibilities for you to find your perfect match.

Popular Luxury Vinyl Plank Colors

luxury vinyl floor colors

Neutral Tones

When you’re on the hunt for a flooring color that serves as a perfect backdrop for any style, neutral tones tend to be your safest bet. They’re versatile and enduring, adapting to every design trend that comes along. Think of neutrals like a canvas, ready for your personal touch with furniture and decor.

Gray and Greige Shades

Gray may have whispered rumors of being passé, but pay no mind; gray shades continue to charm homeowners with their modern flair. If you’re aiming for a subtle blend, greige – the ingenious combination of gray and beige – is winning the game. Versatile and stylish, this fusion adds warmth to the coolness of gray, creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.

Brown and Beige Hues

For a classic and cozy feel, the timeless charm of brown and beige hues is hard to outdo. A perennial favorite in the palette of luxury vinyl plank colors, brown resonates with authenticity and comfort, while beige offers a neutral but still warm touch to living spaces. Surveys reveal these colors cover a significant portion of new home flooring, which speaks to their popularity.

White and Light Colors

Bringing a breath of fresh air to interior spaces, white and light-colored flooring options like Whitewashed Oak and Bleached Pine illuminate and give a sense of spaciousness to your rooms. These lighter shades draw inspiration from coastal and farmhouse themes, creating a tranquil and open setting that’s increasingly sought after.

Dark and Bold Shades

If you’re inclined towards a more dramatic and intimate ambiance, dark and bold shades could be your match. Not only do they add sophistication and depth, but they’re also practical, hiding footprints and everyday wear. Dark vinyl flooring, particularly in shades like dark gray, adds a touch of moodiness and contemporary edge to your home’s aesthetic.

Our Top Color Choices For Luxury Vinyl (Per Brand)

When considering luxury vinyl plank (LVP) for your next project, you’ll want to know which colors are front-runners in today’s market. Different brands offer unique shades that cater to the latest trends and your specific design needs.

Provenza Floors, a high-end luxury floor manufacturer, offers gorgeous color options! Our favorite hands down is FIRST CRUSH, from their moda living collection! We used this exact floor in a recent project we completed! We love the beveled edge that makes the floor look higher-end than other floors.

wood stairs (lvp) in a new construction house
Love this Provenza First Crush LVP Flooring In a New Project!

Shaw Floors, a long-standing player in the flooring industry, showcases the irresistible ‘Venus Pine’ in its array of hues. It’s a light brown shade that captures the essence of natural pine, perfect for creating that welcoming and serene comfort in any space.

Super pretty Venus Pine Shade from Shaw Floors!

For a more contemporary palette, Mannington’s ‘Calico’ might just be the ticket. Soft Gredige melds with subtle hints of brown, providing a neutral base that’s both elegant and versatile. This shade fits seamlessly into a minimalist aesthetic yet is warm enough to balance out more vibrant home decor.

Image Source of Mannington Calico!

On the contrary end, Armstrong takes bold strides with ‘Emberglow Brown.’ It’s the go-to for anyone looking to make a statement. This rich, deep hue can anchor a room, lending it an air of sophistication while still benefiting from LVP’s durability.

Image Source

If you’re veering towards something that bridges the modern with a dash of rustic, Karndean Design flooring serves up ‘Country Oak.’ This design staple brings forth the weathered textures of traditional oak and blends them with contemporary styling cues, striking a harmonious balance in your project.

Lastly, don’t overlook the popularity of greige – a portmanteau of grey and beige that brings the best of both worlds. COREtec’s ‘Ivory Coast Oak’ from the COREtec Plus line is a prime example of this chameleon color. It’s a favorite among homeowners and pros alike, adapting fluidly to a wide array of interior concepts.

Love this Ivory Coast Oak Shade!

Table: Top LVP Colors by Brand

BrandColor ChoiceShade Type
Provenza FloorsFirst CrushNeutral
Shaw FloorsAspen PineLight Brown
ArmstrongEmberglow BrownDark Brown
KarndeanCountry OakRustic Modern
COREtecIvory Coast OakGreige

The beauty of LVP is its adaptability. Each brand has honed a spectrum of compelling choices that assure regardless of the direction your design takes, there’s a color out there to match your vision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Color


Selecting the ideal color for your luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is more than just matching shades to your walls. Each color has its implications on room aesthetics, and several elements come into play.

Room Size and Lighting

  • Smaller Spaces: Lighter LVP tones make rooms appear larger and airier.
  • Larger Areas: Darker shades lend a sense of warmth and intimacy.
  • Natural Light: Consider how the changing daylight impacts the flooring color’s appearance.
  • Artificial Lighting: Test how different light bulbs affect the color at various times of the day.

Color Consistency and Variation

  • Uniform Appearance: Some prefer a consistent color for a cohesive look.
  • Varied Patterns: Others opt for varied hues for character and depth.

Functionality and Maintenance

  • High Traffic: Choose darker colors or patterns to mask wear and scuffs.
  • Easy Upkeep: Lighter colors often require more frequent cleaning.

Interior Style

  • Modern: Stick to simple, cool neutrals like whites and grays.
  • Rustic: Warm, earthy tones add to a traditional, cozy feel.
  • Eclectic: Bold colors and patterns accentuate a vibrant decor.

Remember that the finish affects both appearance and longevity. High-gloss urethane finishes offer a shiny look suitable for busy rooms, whereas no-wax finishes might be the preferred choice for areas with less footfall.

Each of these factors plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere you desire. Prioritize your needs and preferences, and you’ll find the color that not only complements your interior but also reflects your personal style.


Choosing the right luxury vinyl plank color can transform your space into a haven of style and comfort. Remember to consider how room size and lighting will play with your chosen shade and how color consistency can affect the overall feel. Maintenance and functionality are key for a lasting impression so pick a color that’ll stand up to your lifestyle. Above all, let your personal style shine through. Your home’s floors are a canvas awaiting your unique touch, and with the right LVP color, you’re all set to create a space that’s as inviting as it is impressive. Go ahead, step into a world of elegance that’s uniquely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between vinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank?

Yes, there’s a difference between vinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). LVP is thicker, more durable, often has a more realistic look, and offers comfort and sound insulation compared to standard vinyl plank flooring.

What color LVP flooring is timeless?

Timeless LVP flooring colors often include neutrals like beige, taupe, light grey, and sometimes classic wood tones. These shades provide a versatile background that stands the test of time and complements a wide range of decor styles.

What color vinyl is most popular?

Black vinyl is the most popular color, particularly for t-shirts and crafts, due to its versatility and the impact it creates when used to contrast other colors.

What are the most timeless floor colors?

Light woods, butterscotch tones, white-washed, varying shades of gray, and dark wood options are among the most timeless flooring colors, offering lasting appeal in interior design.

What is the most popular LVP color in 2023?

In 2023, greige remains the most popular LVP color. Light grays are highly sought after for their sophisticated appeal, while dark grays are chosen for their bold, contemporary look.

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