The Best Valentine Brunch Decorating Ideas To Copy

valentine brunch decorating ideas
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Hey friends, get ready to fall in love with some super fun Valentine brunch decorating ideas for both decor and food! Put on those adorable heart-shaped sunglasses, because we’re about to create a space so cozy and Instagrammable, that your followers will wish they were right there with you!

Let’s get our craft on and transform your favorite spot into the cutest, snuggle-worthy nook. Imagine chilling out with your besties, surrounded by love – the kind that’s all about laughter, friendship, and good vibes. Who needs fancy dinner dates when you’ve got the perfect brunch setup? Let’s make this Valentine’s Day all about fun, food, and your fabulous squad!

Valentine Brunch Decorating Ideas: Setting the Mood

Creating the right atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day brunch is key. It’s about setting a scene that feels comfy and love-infused. You’re crafting an environment where memories are made and the warmth of friendship is celebrated.

Choose a Theme

Before you dive into the nitty-gritty of decorating, settle on a theme. It might be something classic like “Romantic Elegance” or quirky like “Love and Laughter.” Maybe you want to mix it up with “Vintage Love Songs” where you can throw in old records and retro decor. Your theme steers the ship for the rest of your decorating decisions, so choose one that feels right for you and your guests.

Select a Color Scheme

With your theme in hand, color choice is the next big step. Typically, Valentine’s Day screams reds and pinks, but feel free to explore. Soft pastels or bold jewel tones can also convey affection and warmth. Weave in gold or silver for a touch of sparkle that elevates the look. Always remember to balance your colors to avoid visual overload. You’re aiming for a cohesive look that beckons your guests to a table filled with love and good vibes.

Table Decor

Beautiful Tablecloth

When it comes to setting up your Valentine’s Day brunch, the tablecloth is the foundation. You might not think too much about it, but it sets the stage for everything else. Grab a pink or white cotton tablecloth—it’s simple and brings a clean, airy feel that goes with any decor.

If you’re into DIY, dress up plain paper cups and straws with washi tape for a personalized touch, or snag a fun patterned tablecloth, like a pink plaid one, to add a burst of color. And if it’s breezy outside, layer two tablecloths; not only does it look fuller, but it’ll save you from chasing your tablecloth down in the wind.

pink table setting ideas

Pretty Centerpieces

Your centerpiece is like the star of the show, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Take some homemade elements, like pomander and ruffled balls, and pair them with Valentine-themed candy for a sweet touch. If you’re up for something crafty, fill heart-shaped ice cube trays with pink milk and freeze them for a quirky addition to your milk glasses. And if cupcakes are on the menu, display them so they double as part of your centerpiece—awesome and practical.

Valentine brunch decorating ideas: flower centerpiece
We love this simplistic Valentine’s brunch centerpiece that is so easy to recreate!

Plates and Setting

Plates are more than just a practical item at your brunch; they’re part of the aesthetic. Start with two white plates for each setting—classic and versatile. Then play up the theme with a light grey or taupe cloth napkin. It’s the small details that elevate your table from every day to Valentine’s special. If you’re lucky enough to have heirloom pieces, like 100-year-old china, don’t hesitate to show them off. A mix of sentimental and new gives your brunch a unique touch.

Valentine brunch decorating ideas
Simple and elegant Valentine’s Brunch plate setting idea!


Flowers are the finishing touch that brings all your decor together. You’ve got a ton of options here. Stick with Valentine’s colors, like pinks and whites, and throw in some garden roses, carnations, and baby’s breath for variety. Or shake it up with spray roses; they’ve got multiple buds on each stem, making your arrangement look fuller. If arranging isn’t your thing, no worries—you can group several small vases and drop a few stems into each for an effortless yet stunning centerpiece.

pink table setting ideas
Love these gorgeous pastel flowers that are perfect for a Valentine’s brunch!

Brunch Menu

Strawberry Banana French Toast

Wake up to the sweet aroma of Strawberry Banana French Toast. It’s simple yet awesome, as you combine the tartness of fresh strawberries with the creaminess of ripe bananas. Dip your bread into a velvety mix of eggs and milk, then fry until golden. Crown your toast with a heap of sliced strawberries and bananas, and finish with a drizzle of maple syrup or a dusting of powdered sugar. It’s a dish that not only looks great but tastes like a dream.

valentine brunch decorating ideas: strawberry french toast

Strawberry Mini Buns

Imagine biting into a warm Strawberry Mini Bun. They’re the perfect size for popping in your mouth and look so pretty too. These petite pastries are made with bites of juicy strawberries tucked into soft, sweet dough. Serve them right out of the oven for a gooey, delicious experience. They’re great for grabbing throughout your brunch and you won’t be able to stop at just one! They will make your Valentine’s brunch buffet table pop with gorgeous color!

valentine brunch decorating ideas: strawberry brunch mini buns

Berry Parfait

Your brunch spread needs the bright, fresh touch of a Berry Parfait. Layer up some tangy Greek yogurt with granola for that satisfying crunch, then add layers of mixed berries for a burst of freshness in every spoon. It’s a healthy, yet indulgent option that’s super easy to customize. Serve in clear glasses for a visually appealing treat that’s as yummy as it is colorful.

valentine brunch decorating ideas

Creative Drink Station

DIY Mimosa Bar

Here’s the deal: mimosas are a must for any brunch, but for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to step it up a notch. Set out a DIY Mimosa Bar and give your guests the freedom to mix and match to their heart’s content. Start by chilling a few bottles of your favorite prosecco or champagne and have them ready to pop. Don’t forget to put a variety of juices on the table; orange juice is classic, but cranberry and lemonade will add some extra color and flavor options. For an adorable twist, prep heart-shaped sugar cubes. Sugar cubes with painted hearts are not only cute but can also give a hint of sweetness to the drinks.

Here’s what you’ll need for your Mimosa Bar:

  • Prosecco or Champagne (chilled)
  • Assorted Juices (orange, cranberry, lemonade)
  • Sugar cubes (heart-shaped or painted hearts)
  • Glassware (keep them frosty!)
valentine brunch decorating ideas: mimosa bar

Valentine’s Day Mocktails

For those who prefer a non-alcoholic option or for the kids joining in, Valentine’s Day mocktails are a fantastic addition. How about a cotton candy mocktail? Simply place a fluffy piece of cotton candy in a glass and pour sparkling strawberry soda over it. The cotton candy dissolves and creates a fun, fizzy drink that’s as playful and delicious.

And let’s not forget about Cupid’s Cocoa – it’s like dessert in a cup. Whip up some strawberry milk, top it with whipped cream, and add some valentine sprinkles. A fancy candy garnish could be the cherry on top. It’s a creative, heartwarming drink everyone will love.

Remember to serve your drinks in pretty glasses. This small touch can make your mocktails look as sophisticated as any adult beverage.

Dessert Display

Cupcake Tower

Imagine a tower of cupcakes so inviting that it becomes the star of your dessert table. Let’s make that a reality. You’ll want to start with Colorful Cupcakes that serve both as a treat and a decorative element. Think rich reds and playful pinks to keep in tune with the Valentine’s Day theme. Stack them up on a cake stand and watch as your guests’ eyes light up.

You could also decorate each cupcake with heart-shaped toppings or edible glitter for that extra wow factor. If you want to take things up a notch, use a Cupcake Tower Display to create levels, adding a dynamic visual element. It not only looks fantastic but also saves space, which is perfect if you’re expecting a big crowd.

valentine brunch decorating ideas: cupcake tower

Valentines Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage, and there’s no reason why they can’t be part of your Valentine’s Day spread. But let’s twist it up for the occasion. You’re not just piling up meats and cheeses; you’re creating a Valentines Charcuterie Board. Mix in some sweet options like chocolate-dipped strawberries or small heart-shaped cheeses among the savory bites.

Presentation is key, so find an attractive board or platter that makes the colors pop. Add some Valentine’s Day-themed decorations around the board – think rose petals or small Valentine’s cards. It’ll look so good, your guests might hesitate to take the first bite.

valentine brunch decorating ideas

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Who doesn’t love a good Chocolate Fondue Fountain? It’s not just delicious; it’s an interactive dessert that’ll have everyone talking. Set up a fountain with flowing milk or dark chocolate and place an assortment of dunk-ables nearby. This could include strawberries, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and heart-shaped cookies.

Ensure there are plenty of skewers so everyone can join in the fun. Keep napkins handy because it can get messy – but that’s part of the joy. The flowing chocolate not only looks awesome but also fills the room with a rich, sweet aroma. It’s an indulgent centerpiece that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.

valentine brunch decorating ideas: chocolate fountain

Love-inspired Details

Decorating your Valentine’s brunch with love-inspired details can elevate the event from nice to awesome. Here are some creative ideas to sprinkle around a little extra love on your table settings and party environment.

Heart-Shaped Confetti

Adding heart-shaped confetti to your tables is a quick way to boost the day’s theme. Scatter these tiny tokens of affection across the table for a pop of color and romance. Paper or fabric confetti can work, but make sure they’re easy to clean up once the brunch is over. If you’ve got a crafty side, you can make your own confetti by punching out hearts from different colored paper—maybe even pages from old love novels or Valentine’s cards for an extra touch.

Personalized Place Cards

Personalized place cards are a thoughtful way to show your guests you care. You could go with simple heart-shaped cards with guests’ names written in a fancy script or get creative with small items like mini picture frames or painted rocks that serve a double duty as party favors. These details don’t just guide guests to their seats; they’ll feel special knowing you put in the time just for them.


Nothing says festivity like balloons, right? Choose helium-filled balloons in reds, pinks, and whites to float above your brunch table or tether them as bunches around the room. If you’re feeling inventive, try balloon arches or columns—these structures can make for great photo backdrops and create an inviting, cheerful space.

valentine brunch decorating ideas: pink balloons


Fresh flowers can never go wrong. Pink roses placed strategically in rose bowls make for a classic addition to any Valentine’s Day decor. If you want to maintain a cohesive look, stick with a color theme like pinks, reds, and whites. You could alternate flowers with candles for an ambient, comfortable setting. Flowers also offer a wonderful aroma to the room, enhancing the overall sensory experience of your brunch.

valentine brunch decorating ideas
How cute is this idea! Valentine’s flowers in a rustic holder look amazing for brunch decor!

Final Word

Now that you’ve got the scoop on creating a charming Valentine’s brunch scene, you’re all set to celebrate with flair. Remember, it’s the little touches that make your gathering extra special. So sprinkle that heart-shaped confetti, float those balloons, and set out the roses. Your personalized details won’t just fill the room with love—they’ll show your guests how much you cherish them. Here’s to a brunch that’s as delightful and unique as your love! We hope you enjoyed all our simple Valentine brunch decorating ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

valentine brunch decorating ideas

How can I decorate my Valentine’s Day brunch on a budget?

Create a festive and romantic atmosphere with affordable items like heart-shaped confetti, personalized place cards, and balloons in reds, pinks, and whites. Use fresh flowers like pink roses for a classic touch. You can find inexpensive decorations at stores like Dollar Tree to create a lovely tablescape without spending a lot.

What are some Valentine’s Day tablescape ideas?

Start with a colorful tablecloth and build your tablescape from there. Dollar Tree offers various decorations that can be combined to create an elegant setting. Consider using family heirlooms like antique china sets for a personal and meaningful touch to your Valentine’s Day meal.

Can I make a balloon arch for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! Use the balloon arch plastic strips available in the party aisle of most stores. Decorate with heart-shaped balloons from the Dollar Tree, spacing them out on the strip. Secure the strip to a wall to create a simple yet impactful decorative arch.

What is the best way to wrap up Valentine’s Day decorations?

The key is to create a festive and inviting dinner table with a touch of creativity. You can make a romantic centerpiece or arrange unique dinnerware from places like Dollar Tree. Keeping it simple yet beautiful will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is memorable.

What is Friendsgiving, and can it be celebrated in February?

Friendsgiving, often associated with Thanksgiving, is a gathering of friends to share a meal. Recently, the term “Galentine’s Day” has been coined to describe a similar friends’ get-together in February. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy some non-traditional, noncommittal fun with friends or neighbors on or around Valentine’s Day.

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