25 Creative DIY Bedroom Vanity Ideas

diy bedroom vanity ideas
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Discover 25 unique DIY bedroom vanity ideas to transform your personal space. From upcycled furniture to tech-savvy mirrors, find the perfect vanity to suit your style.

Having a vanity in the bedroom has always been a dream of mine, and seeing my teenage daughter enjoy her own vanity brings that dream full circle. It’s more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a personal haven, especially when you’re navigating the morning rush with a sibling in a shared bathroom.

If you’ve ever thought about adding this functional yet stylish piece to your room, why not try and make it yourself? In this blog, we’ll explore 25 DIY bedroom vanity ideas that are as unique as you are (and don’t worry we’ve got recommendations for purchasing as well in case you don’t feel like being handy!).

DIY Vanity Tables

1. Upcycled Furniture Vanity

Repurposing an old dresser into a vanity is like giving it a second life. It’s an eco-friendly approach that I absolutely adore for its sustainability and creativity. This is a true classic look for a vanity that is timeless.

  • Overview: Transform an old dresser or console table into a chic vanity table.
  • Materials Needed: Old dresser, sandpaper, paint, knobs, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Sand down the furniture, paint it in your desired color, replace the knobs, and attach a mirror.


2. Industrial Style Vanity

The industrial style brings a raw, edgy vibe that I find incredibly appealing. It’s a unique blend of form and function that adds character to any bedroom.

  • Overview: Create an edgy look with metal pipes and reclaimed wood.
  • Materials Needed: Metal pipes, reclaimed wood, screws, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Assemble the metal pipes into a frame, attach the reclaimed wood as the tabletop, and add a mirror.


3. Floating Vanity Table

If you’re short on space, a floating vanity is a lifesaver. I love how it frees up floor space while still offering a dedicated area for all your beauty essentials. This is such a simple project and super functional as well.

  • Overview: Save space with a wall-mounted design.
  • Materials Needed: Plywood, brackets, screws, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Cut the plywood to your desired size, attach brackets to the wall, and mount the plywood. Add a mirror above.


4. Pallet Wood Vanity

Using pallet wood for a vanity brings a rustic charm that I find irresistibly cozy. It’s an eco-friendly choice that also adds a touch of nature to your room. This one might be reserved for those of you that are more handy!

  • Overview: An eco-friendly and rustic option.
  • Materials Needed: Pallet wood, screws, paint or stain, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Disassemble the pallet, arrange the wood into a table shape, secure with screws, and finish with paint or stain. Add a mirror.


5. Mid-Century Modern Vanity

The mid-century modern style has a timeless appeal that I can’t get enough of. It’s a perfect blend of vintage and modern elements that elevates any space. The key here is the “hairpin” legs on the desk.

  • Overview: Combine vintage flair with modern functionality.
  • Materials Needed: Plywood, hairpin legs, screws, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Cut the plywood into a tabletop and attach hairpin legs. Add a mirror to complete the look.


6. Boho Chic Vanity

Boho chic is all about freedom, colors, and textures, which is why it’s one of my favorite styles. It allows for a lot of creativity and personal expression. You’ll want to incorporate natural wood, rattan, or woven materials to get the boho feel.

  • Overview: Incorporate rattan and colorful textiles.
  • Materials Needed: Rattan furniture, colorful fabric, cushions, and a mirror.
  • How-to: Choose a rattan table or dresser, add colorful fabric as a table runner or for the stool cushion, and place a mirror on top.


7. Glam Vanity with LED Lights

If you’re into the glitz and glam, a vanity with LED lights is like a dream come true. I love how the lights add a touch of Hollywood glamour right in your bedroom. These mirrors are really easy to find as well.

  • Overview: For those who love a little sparkle.
  • Materials Needed: Table, LED strip lights, mirror, and adhesive.
  • How-to: Attach LED strip lights around the mirror and secure it with adhesive. Place the mirror on the table.


8. Corner Vanity with Dual Function

A corner vanity is a smart solution that I appreciate for its space-saving design. It’s perfect for making the most out of those awkward corners in your bedroom.

  • Overview: Make the most out of small spaces.
  • Materials Needed: Corner desk, mirror, paint or stain, and screws.
  • How-to: Place a corner desk in the desired location, paint or stain it to match your decor, and attach a mirror.


9. Budget-Friendly Vanity Under $30

Creating a vanity on a budget is not only possible but also incredibly satisfying. I love how you can still achieve a stylish look easily with a cute small table and without breaking the bank. You just need to source an inexpensive desk and mirror and get a can of chalk paint ready!

  • Overview: Affordable yet stylish.
  • Materials Needed: Inexpensive table, mirror, paint, and decorative items.
  • How-to: Purchase an inexpensive table at a thrift shop or garage sale, paint it, and add a mirror and some decorative items like a vase or a lamp.


10. Farmhouse Style Vanity

The farmhouse style brings a sense of warmth and coziness that I find utterly charming. It’s a timeless look that can make any bedroom feel like home. I love all the storage in this one!

  • Overview: Cozy and timeless.
  • Materials Needed: Wooden table, wicker baskets, paint or stain, and a rustic mirror.
  • How-to: Choose a wooden table, add wicker baskets for storage, paint or stain the wood, and add a rustic mirror.


DIY Vanity Mirrors

11. Mosaic Tile Mirror

A mosaic tile mirror adds a pop of color and texture that I find visually captivating. It’s a simple way to make your vanity a focal point in the room. Many might not think to add a mosaic mirror to a vanity, but it is a great idea to add some personality to your vanity!

  • Overview: Add texture and color.
  • Materials Needed: Mirror, mosaic tiles, adhesive, and grout.
  • How-to: Attach mosaic tiles around the mirror using adhesive, then apply grout to secure the tiles.


12. Sunburst Vanity Mirror

The sunburst design is a classic and fun mirror design that never goes out of style. I adore how it adds a touch of elegance and drama to any vanity setup.

  • Overview: A statement piece for any room.
  • Materials Needed: Mirror, wooden dowels, paint, and adhesive.
  • How-to: Attach wooden dowels around the mirror in a sunburst pattern, paint them, and secure with adhesive.


13. Smart Mirror with Touchscreen

Incorporating technology into a vanity mirror is a modern twist that I find incredibly innovative. It’s perfect for those who love to multitask while getting ready.

  • Overview: Tech-savvy and functional.
  • Materials Needed: Two-way mirror, touchscreen monitor, Raspberry Pi, and cables.
  • How-to: Install a Raspberry Pi into a touchscreen monitor, place it behind a two-way mirror, and connect all the cables.


14. Antique Frame Mirror

There’s something about antique frames that adds a layer of sophistication and history. I love how it can transform a simple mirror into a work of art. And it works well with a modern desk or a vintage one! These are easy to source, and you can DIY it to make it your own by spray painting it!

  • Overview: Vintage charm.
  • Materials Needed: Antique frame, mirror, paint, and adhesive.
  • How-to: Place a mirror into an antique frame, secure it with adhesive, and optionally paint the frame to match your decor.


15. Mirror with Hidden Storage

A mirror with hidden storage is a clever idea that I find extremely practical. It’s perfect for keeping your vanity clutter-free. While not impossible to do DIY, this one might be easier to purchase pre made.

  • Overview: Practical and clever.
  • Materials Needed: Mirror with a wooden frame, hinges, small shelves, and screws.
  • How-to: Attach hinges to the wooden frame of the mirror, install small shelves behind it, and secure everything with screws.


DIY Vanity Accessories

16. Drawer Dividers

Organizing your makeup and tools is essential for a functional vanity. I appreciate drawer dividers for their ability to keep everything in its place.

  • Overview: Organize your makeup and tools.
  • Materials Needed: Cardboard, fabric, and adhesive.
  • How-to: Cut cardboard into dividers, wrap them in fabric, and place them in your vanity drawers.


17. Rotating Vanity Tray

A rotating vanity tray is a game-changer for easy access to all your essentials. I love how it adds a touch of luxury to the vanity.

  • Overview: Easy access to all your essentials.
  • Materials Needed: Lazy Susan, decorative tray, and adhesive.
  • How-to: Attach a decorative tray to a Lazy Susan using adhesive and place it on your vanity.


18. Floral Vanity Stool

A floral vanity stool adds a whimsical touch that I find irresistibly charming. It’s a simple way to introduce color and pattern into your vanity setup.

  • Overview: Comfort meets aesthetics.
  • Materials Needed: Stool, floral fabric, cushion foam, and staples.
  • How-to: Cover a cushion foam with floral fabric and staple it to the stool.


19. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Having a hanging jewelry organizer near your vanity is a practical idea that I highly recommend. It keeps your jewelry untangled and easy to find.

  • Overview: Keep your bling in sight.
  • Materials Needed: Wooden board, hooks, and paint.
  • How-to: Paint a wooden board, screw in some hooks, and hang it near your vanity.


20. Vanity Light Bar

Good lighting is crucial for makeup application, and a vanity light bar can make all the difference. I love how it provides even lighting without any harsh shadows. I love the look of this classic one for vanities!

  • Overview: Improve lighting for makeup application.
  • Materials Needed: Light bar, bulbs, and electrical wiring.
  • How-to: Attach the light bar above your mirror and connect the electrical wiring.


Specialized Vanity Ideas

21. Travel-Friendly Foldable Vanity

A foldable vanity is a genius idea for those who are always on the go. I appreciate its portability and how it doesn’t compromise on functionality.

  • Overview: For the nomad.
  • Materials Needed: Foldable table, mirror, and storage boxes.
  • How-to: Attach a mirror to a foldable table and use storage boxes to keep your essentials.


22. Kids’ Vanity Table

Creating a vanity for your little one is a delightful project that I find incredibly heartwarming. It’s a great way to introduce them to the world of self-care.

  • Overview: Adorable and functional for little ones.
  • Materials Needed: Small table, child-safe mirror, and paint.
  • How-to: Paint a small table in bright colors, attach a child-safe mirror, and add some storage for their trinkets.


23. Petite Vanity for Small Spaces

If you’re working with limited space, a petite vanity can be a lifesaver. I love how it proves that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for size.

  • Overview: Size doesn’t have to compromise style.
  • Materials Needed: Small table, mirror, and storage baskets.
  • How-to: Choose a small table, attach a mirror, and use storage baskets to keep your essentials organized.


24. Vanity with Built-in Cooler

A vanity with a built-in cooler is an innovative idea that I find fascinating. It’s perfect for keeping your skincare products chilled and within reach.

  • Overview: Keep your skincare products chilled.
  • Materials Needed: Table with a drawer, mini fridge, and electrical outlet.
  • How-to: Install a mini fridge into one of the vanity drawers and connect it to an electrical outlet.


25. Double Vanity

Swap the computers for mirrors in the picture above and you’ve got a great double vanity! Creating a double vanity is a thoughtful idea for roommates or siblings who like to get ready together. I appreciate how it promotes a sense of partnership and shared space.

  • Overview: For roomies who prep together.
  • Materials Needed: Large table, two mirrors, and storage solutions.
  • How-to: Choose a large table and attach two mirrors above it. Add storage solutions like drawers or baskets for each person.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you build a vanity in a small space?

Building a vanity in a small space is all about maximizing functionality while minimizing footprint. Floating vanities or corner vanities are excellent options. Trust me, with the right design, even the tiniest of spaces can accommodate a stylish and functional vanity.

How to make a vanity dresser?

Making a vanity dresser involves repurposing an existing dresser or building one from scratch. You’ll need a dresser, a mirror, and some basic tools like screws and a drill. Attach the mirror to the back of the dresser, and consider adding some additional storage or lighting. It’s a rewarding project that adds a touch of elegance to your room.

Is it cheaper to build your own vanity?

Generally speaking, building your own vanity can be more cost-effective than buying a pre-made one, especially if you use reclaimed or upcycled materials. However, the cost can vary depending on the materials you choose and whether you already have some of the necessary tools. But the real value comes in the personalization; a DIY vanity will be uniquely yours.

What is the smallest vanity they make?

The size of pre-made vanities can vary, but the smallest ones typically start around 16 to 18 inches in width. These are usually wall-mounted or pedestal styles designed for extremely small spaces or powder rooms. If you’re tight on space, these compact options can be a lifesaver.

DIY Bedroom Vanity Ideas Recap

So, there you have it—25 DIY bedroom vanity ideas that are as diverse as they are creative. Whether you’re a DIY newbie or a crafting veteran, there’s something here for everyone. Trust me, the joy of sitting down at a vanity you’ve made yourself is indescribable.

So go ahead, pick your favorite idea from the list and make it your weekend project (or if you don’t feel like it after all, just buy one – we won’t tell!). You won’t just end up with a functional piece of furniture; you’ll have a personalized space that’s truly your own. Why wait? Your dream vanity is just a DIY project away!

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