10 Trending Entryway Accent Wall Ideas That Impress

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The entryway sets the tone when you arrive home or welcome guests into your house. While it may be a smaller transitional space, your entryway offers a chance to make a great first impression. The right entryway accent wall can infuse personality into any front hall or foyer to delight visitors.

From simple budget-friendly paint techniques to dramatic textures and colors, accent walls provide interest in the first space seen upon entering a home. They also help anchor furniture like benches, shelves, and coat racks in stylish cohesion. Here are 10 captivating accent wall inspirations ideal for sprucing up entryways.

10 Entryway Accent Wall Ideas To Inspire You

Crisp White Architectural Accents

A fresh coat of bright white paint does wonders to help architectural details stand out. Paint entryway trim and molding in a glossy classic white against slightly deeper tan or grey walls. Highlight crown molding, baseboards, window and door trim for contrast.

Crisp white wainscoting or board and batten paneling paired with painted walls also makes a smart budget-friendly accent. Use white to illuminate decorative niches, bump outs, and other unique architectural elements throughout the entry.

Keep surrounding entryway walls in a neutral muted tone so the polished white accents can take center stage without competing colors. Add metal finishes like nickel or pewter on lighting and fixtures to complement the clean white look with subtle shine.

Natural Wood Wall Paneling

The warmth of wood offers an inviting entryway accent wall option. Use modern wood panels to treat visitors to stunning visuals right from the start.

One approach is to panel the bottom half of the entryway wall with weathered wood below a chair rail. Or make a statement by taking wood paneling all the way up to the ceiling. Mix plank sizes and direction for dimension. Paint or finish the wood in crisp white for farmhouse flair or go darker for arts & crafts style.

Balance heavy wood walls with lighter weight furniture pieces like metal enameled lockers, glass console tables or wall mounted coat racks. Add a jute rug, floral wreath and antique trunk as finishing touches for a cozy feel.

Textured Wallpaper

Take your entryway to the next level with exotic wallpaper like textured wallpaper, embossed metallics or woven grasscloth. Look for durable wallpapers designed to handle occasional bumps and scrapes. Use accent wallpaper sparingly to work it into your decor budget.

Install textured wallpaper on the entryway wall across from your front door to greet you. Grasscloth woven from natural fibers like sisal and jute has lots of depth and patina for instant sophistication. Flocked wallpaper in a shade like deep emerald green or sapphire blue makes a bold color impact.

Keep wallpapered accent walls looking sleek by lining up patterns perfectly at the seams and corners. Consider hiring a professional installer for best results. Add wall sconces or pendant lighting overhead to cast intriguing shadows on the tactile wallpaper textures.

Built-In Bench and Shelving

Make the most of unused entryway space by building in bench seating and storage shelving directly into the wall. This maximizes function while creating an integrated accent wall. Include coat hooks and cubbies for hassle-free organization right where you walk in the door.

Use materials like stained wood, powder-coated steel or rattan basketweave to complement your decor. One long built-in bench is great for taking off shoes. Floating shelves above provide a place to drop keys and bags. For media storage, try open back cabinets with wire grilles to tuck away sound systems.

Finish the accent wall ends with vertical quarter-round or add other trim details to give it a furniture look. Place the bench beneath windows or artwork where there’s light. Add a runner and accent pillows for a designer touch.

Stylish Hat Display

If you have a collection of cool hats, show them off in your entryway on a dedicated accent wall. This takes typical hat racks to an artful new level. Arrange a mix of straw fedoras, vintage caps, bowlers, baseball caps, and winter toques on wall hooks.

Look for sturdy wall-mounted rails, pegs or shelves to cleanly display your caps and hats. Stagger them at different heights across the wall for a pleasing asymmetrical arrangement. Keep things tidy by displaying only your daily drivers or seasonal hats at once.

A hat display adds color and personality to any entry. Coordinate simple hooks on a nearby wall or coat rack to hang jackets and bags. For extra flair, mount small spotlights on either side of the hat wall to dramatically illuminate your prized covers.

Painted Shiplap Plank Wall

Crisp shiplap plank walls lend a casual coastal vibe with clean lines and texture. Use wide planks with deep grooves and visible seams for drama. Painting shiplap a bold color helps brighten small entryways. Top with board and batten trim for defined separation from ceiling and baseboards.

A shiplap wall offers visual appeal similar to tongue and groove while being more budget friendly. Use construction-grade pine boards and prep well before priming and painting for a smooth finish. For a cottage look, opt for robin’s egg blue or sage green painted planks.

Set off your painted shiplap wall with natural jute entry rugs, whitewashed wood furnishings, and antique signs. Add character by letting plank edges overhang slightly from ceiling trim above. Keep upper walls and ceilings light.

Intricate Wainscoting and Trim

Wainscoting offers another chance to highlight architectural intricacy. Opt for raised panel wainscoting or recessed rectangular MDF boards. The varied lines and beveled edges catch light beautifully. Pair with custombuilt window seats or niches for refinement.

Crown molding capping wainscoting provides gorgeous detailing. Add intricate dentil borders where walls meet ceilings. Include shapely baseboard and doorway trim for a harmonious finished accent wall.

Paint or finish wainscoting and trim in glossy whites and soft greys for timeless elegance. Position a console, bench or half moon table in front of the accent wall to admire the details. Wall sconces cast dramatic shadows.

Textural Paint Technique

Take your entry accent wall to the next level with special paint techniques like mottling, stippling, dragging, lime washing or sand texturing. This adds eye-catching dimension through layered uneven textures and tones. Greens, blues and browns work well.

Rag roll different hues of glazed paint onto the wall in freehand horizontal stripes. Drag a stiff brush top down while pulling some colors into others. Use a balled up plastic bag to dab on dots of contrasting paints. Experiment to get the depth of texture desired.

Seal the completed textural paint wall with a protective clear coat finish like polyurethane. The varied paint effects are striking on their own so avoid distracting art or decor. Add wall sconces overhead to highlight the intriguing textures and uneven painting.

Gallery Style Photo Display

Turn your entryway accent wall into a casual art gallery displaying favorite photos in matching frames. Choose wide horizontal frames to arrange in an offset grid pattern high on the wall. Square and rectangle frames can alternate for more variety.

Include candid shots of family and friends, travel mementos from special vacations, wedding or baby portraits, and old childhood pictures. Black, white and wood frames keep the look cohesive when mixing frame sizes and shapes.

A photo gallery wall makes a welcoming personalized statement in any home. Position taller furniture pieces like a bookshelf or storage bench below to allow ample open wall space. Opt for simple hooks and a bench rather than a bulky coat rack.

Big Box Architectural Trim

For traditional elegance, consider framing entryway walls with wide, ornate crown moldings, baseboards, and door casings. The substantial trim pieces make a dramatic architectural statement and define the lines of the space beautifully.

Look for decoration-grade MDF trim boards that are thicker and more ornately shaped than standard stock boards. Size up widths by an inch or two for impact. Crisp white painted trim pops against darker grey or tan walls.

Install crown molding where walls meet ceilings for gorgeous detailing. Thick baseboards anchor the bottom edges too. Box out entryway door frames with wide casings featuring rosette blocks or bullseye corners for ornate sophistication.

Entryway Accent Wall FAQ

What are some good accent wall ideas for small entryways?

For small entryways, stick with lighter, brighter accent walls to prevent them from feeling closed in. Try a crisp white shiplap plank wall, light grey architectural trim accents, or a small gallery wall of artwork. Stay away from dark bold colors in a tight space.

What type of wallpaper works best in entryways?

Since entryways tend to get bumped into occasionally, choose a durable wallpaper like grasscloth, flocked velvet, or textured vinyl. Avoid delicate paper wallpapers that can tear. Easily cleanable wallpaper is best for high-traffic entryways.

How do you decorate around an accent wall?

Decorate around an accent wall by keeping furnishings, flooring and ceiling treatments simple and neutral to let the wall take center stage. Use consistent lighting to highlight the wall. Position a console table, mirror or bench in front of the wall to accentuate it as a focal point.

What color accent walls work best in entryways?

Light grey, beige, blue, green, and white accent walls work best for entryways. Stay away from dark bold colors like black or red that can overwhelm. Soft neutral and light accent walls greet guests in a calm, welcoming way.

Should you paint entryway walls a dark color?

In general, avoid dark painted walls in entryways which can make the space feel closed in. However, if your entryway gets ample natural light, a charcoal grey or navy blue accent wall can work paired with white trim and neutral surrounding walls.

What can you use as inexpensive wall decor?

Some inexpensive ideas for entryway wall decor include installing floating shelves to display collected items, framing travel mementos or kids’ artwork, creating a gallery photo wall, and mounting a hat display.

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